Mentor Training Sq

Mentor Training

One key goal within our 2017 Vision is that everyone in the church should have a mentor, someone who helps them in an intentional one-to-one relationship to grow as a disciple of Christ.

On Saturday 29 April, we have an experienced mentor-trainer, Mark Crawford (see information about Mark below) from the Mentoring Network, coming to show us how it all works, so that we can be fully equipped to start effective mentoring relationships.
We are looking for at least 30 people to step forward to get trained up on Saturday 29 April as mentors, so that we can achieve our goal of making sure that everyone in the church has a mentor.
All are welcome to attend the training, whether they intend to become mentors in the immediate future or not.
Email to register attendance at the training.
Saturday 29 April – 9am to 1pm 
Mark Crawford is a mentor and student worker based in Suffolk, England.  After several years working in youth ministry God called him to specialise in mentoring young people and students.  He meets regularly with a growing number of young guys, to journey with them in their walk with Jesus.  He also visits guys whilst they are away at university, helping them to work out what it means to live for Jesus within that unique culture. Mark leads mentoring training days on behalf of The Mentoring Network. He is hoping to embark on a Masters Degree in Mentoring within the next 18 months.