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Ignite is the most important event in the St Mary’s 2017 calendar. It will equip us to reach out more effectively to the sick, poor and oppressed in Molesey with the message and power of Jesus. It is a unique opportunity to come together for two days of teaching, refreshing and fellowship focussed on loving Jesus, loving others, serving the world; a great time to thank God for all that He has done and ask Him to re-ignite the fire of the Holy Spirit amongst us.

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Jackie Pullinger:

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In May 2015 Jackie led an amazing Ignite weekend with us and we are delighted to welcome her back. Originally a classical musician from Surrey, she went to Hong Kong as a young woman and started sharing the love of Jesus Christ with gangsters, addicts, prostitutes, street sleepers and prisoners – as well as middle class students and expatriates. She began to see heroin addicts set free from drugs without the usual withdrawal symptoms through the healing power of the Holy Spirit and praying in tongues. Most went on to live new lives in Christ and many have gone to other countries in Asia to share what Jesus has done.

She has been awarded an MBE and an honorary doctorate. Her books Chasing the Dragon and Crack in the Wall have been read by thousands all over the world.  Jackie has also been a major influence in the church in the UK: Archbishop Justin Welby’s recent biography notes that Jackie’s portrayal of the Spirit-filled life has had a “profound influence’ on him.

Listen again to a talk Jackie gave last time she was at St Mary’s here.

We also highly recommend reading Jackie’s book Chasing the Dragon which can be purchased here.

More details about Jackie’s ministry are available at www.ststephenssociety.com

The Programme:

Jackie’s visit is a rare and valuable opportunity for St Mary’s and other local Christians in Molesey to learn from an inspired and inspiring Christian leader.

Jackie will lead six sessions on following Jesus, being filled with the Holy Spirit and equipped with spiritual gifts to serve others, with a particular focus on:

  • Sickness of body and mind, which strikes most of us at some time –    Jesus healed many and instructs his followers to “heal the sick” – how do we go about this?
  • Poverty and oppression, which has many forms:  homelessness, unemployment and debt; addictions to alcohol, drugs, gambling and pornography; self-harming; bullying; physical/sexual abuse; human trafficking; and oppression by the occult/spirit possession – Jesus brought deliverance to many – how can we do the same?

We will hear about God’s great heart for the sick, poor and oppressed, what this means in a Molesey context and how the gospel can change lives – both from Jackie’s practical experience and from the Bible’s teaching on healing, deliverance and practical love.

There will also be time for fellowship, sharing meals together, talking and praying for each other, as well as the opportunity to go out and try some of the things we have learned. 

WhatsApp ‘Ignite Prayer Group’
This has been set up to share prophetic words, pictures or encouragements. If you don’t have WhatsApp you can download it for your mobile here: WhatsApp.  Once you have the app installed contact Mick Rock at cephasmick@gmail.com with your mobile number to be added to the group.

Event Timetable:

Below is the outline program for the weekend.

Friday 12th May 

9.00am: Breakfast (provided)
9.30am: Session 1
12.00pm: Lunch (provided)
1pm: Session 2
2.45pm: Free time: to seek prayer ministry, return home, eat out or join practical outreach
7.30pm: Session 3
9.30pm: Close

Saturday 13th May

9.00am: Breakfast
9.30am: Session 4
12.00pm: Lunch provided
1pm: Session 5
4.00pm: Free time: to seek prayer ministry, return home, eat out or join practical outreach
7.30pm Session 6
9.30 Close


We are keen for Ignite to be a blessing for all ages.  The main sessions will be appropriate for 11+. We strongly encourage those with younger children to make childcare arrangements for the two days.  There will be a self-service crèche throughout the weekend.  We hope to offer some daytime childcare provision for pre-schoolers on the Friday and a programme for children aged 3-10 during the day on Saturday.  However, capacity will be limited.


There will be a cost to cover lunch, breakfast and refreshments for the weekend of £25 for adults and £10 for children, but we do not want this to be a barrier to anyone attending so if this is an issue please just contact the church office and arrangements will be made.


You can book on the website here or please fill in an Ignite registration form available in the Church and return it to the Church Office.

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