24/7 Prayer Resources

24/7 Prayer Resources

We hope the resources below will help support your prayer time. If you have any questions at all, please contact us at [email protected]

Worship Music

Top 40 Worship Songs (April 21)

HTB Worship Playlist

St Mary’s Prayer Points

Please pray for the Leaders and the Staff Team as they navigate this challenging season.

Please pray for the Sunday and Mid-week Events that are slowly now re-opening: children’s groups, youth, CBS, the Cafe, Bereavement Journey, The Path and Little Moles. Pray for the leaders, the volunteers and the guests.

Pray for our Community, for the other churches in the area, for the businesses, the schools and nurseries and care homes. Pray for all those isolated at home and those who have struggled this year and continue to struggle.

Pray for Alpha – for our leaders and helpers and for all the guests; for relationships to develop and for everyone on Alpha to grow closer to Jesus and each other.

Silence & Solitude – based on our current sermon series ‘Present People’ – some guidance to work through to quieten your mind and help get into God’s presence.

Family resources

My Pandemic Experience – praying through your personal experience of Covid-19

Jesus the Fish – crack the simple code to fill in the gaps.

Jesus Teach us to Pray – a simple word puzzle; do you know your odd from your even numbers?

The Mystery & Wonder of Jesus – some of the letters are replaced with numbers – can you crack the code with only two clues to start you off – a bit more challenging.

Jesus’ Parables – crack the simple code to find the answers to each question.

Jesus’ Miracles – a crossword with Bible references as extra clues.

Where is Jesus now? – Crack the secret code.

Mission Partners

Please pray for the work of our Mission Partners: CSW, Tearfund and Hope Gardens. The links below take you to the organisations latest prayer requests.

Hope Gardens – emergency prayer requests for India

Tearfund Latest prayer requests

CSW – Latest prayer guide

Prayer Guides

My Pandemic Experience – praying through your personal experience of Covid-19

The Lord’s Prayer

Praying for Others

Praying for the Nation

Lectio 365 – a daily devotional resource that helps you pray the Bible every day. Download the app from the 24-7 Prayer website. This resource helps you engage with Scripture to inspire prayer and shape your life during this week of prayer and beyond.