Chancel Remodelling

Chancel Remodelling

The Vision

We look forward to opening our remodelled Chancel and Vestry in summer 2019.  Since the 2015 remodelling of the church building, to create an open and welcoming place, it has been transformed from a Sundays only worship space to a fully flexible building used daily and welcoming many hundreds during a typical week, including in our café.

Remodelling the chancel and vestry is the next phase of church building development and will transform the chancel from being almost entirely unused into a beautiful and flexible space that, although separate from the rest of the building, connects more fully with the adjoining vestry and retains its proximity to the nave.

Download a copy of the Chancel Redmodelling booklet.

Benefits of Remodelling

The remodelled chancel will bring four significant benefits to St Mary’s:

1 – A quiet, sacred space for prayer and reflection during the week when the rest of the building is in almost constant use, and somewhere for smaller services to take place including our 9am Holy Communion on Sundays.

2 – An additional space on Sundays for a children’s group as we expand our work amongst 8s to 12s.

3 – An additional space mid-week during our café, where Parenting and Alpha Courses will take place and a mid-week service offered to the many people who attend. The space would also be used during the evenings for small groups and courses, especially when the nave is in use.

4 – The vestry will be transformed as it will benefit from a significant increase in natural light, connectivity to the chancel, new lighting and redecoration.