Connect Communities

Connect Communities

Connect Communities are our mid-week groups. We gather regularly around a common interest, community outreach or geographical location

As Christians, we love to get together with others to worship, care for each other, pray and open the bible. These things are really important if we are to grow in our faith, to feel loved and to be encouraged to live the Christian life between Sundays. We also believe that being a healthy disciple of God involves reaching out into our communities with the love and good news of Jesus and so we have baked these different aspects into our Connect Communities.

Up, In, Out

The pattern of each Connect Community will include three important dimensions:

Up – Our relationship with God

This dimension covers prayer, worship and bible study. A Connect Community is the perfect place to explore and really dig deep into what the bible says to us today. It’s also where we can practice our spiritual gifts and to learn to pray for each other and for the world. Each CC also finds a way to worship, for example through singing, praying or reading the psalms.

In – Our relationship with each other

This dimension is about gathering people and then caring for them. A Connect Community is more than a group we go to, it is a family to which we belong. Sunday church can feel a bit busy, but Connect Communities really help people feel included and cared for, in a way which is perhaps not possible in a larger church setting.

Out – Our relationship with the world

This dimension is about including a healthy dose of the mission of God within the structure of our Connect Communities. We are called to reach the world with the good news of Jesus. We think that the best place to carry out that work is within the context of loving family who also worship and pray together – which is why we think Connect Communities are the ideal place for that to happen.

Join a Connect Community

You can view details of the Connect Communities at the top right of this page. If you would like to join a Connect Community simply complete the online form and your details will be passed onto the leader of the group who will make contact with you and provide further information.

New Connect Community

We want to have enough Communities, covering a wide variety of times, interests, and locations such that everyone can be a part of a Community. If you are interested in starting a new Connect Community, please contact Paul Freeland ( for further details.