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Connect Groups

Connect Groups meet mid-week and are at the heart of our church as they will live out the vision love Jesus, love others, serve the world.  They serve across the life of the church as the main unit through which ministry happens.  Connect Groups are missional and outward enabling and supporting specific ministries in church and the community.

Connect Groups re-form at the beginning of each term: some groups will continue from the previous term, others will exist for just one term, others will sometimes have a term’s break from meeting. We encourage every member of the congregation to join a group at the beginning of each term – whether that be the group they attended last term or a new one!

Three Connect Group streams exist to help people find the right group. The three streams are:

SERVE for groups that primarily focus on serving others in the community or church, COMMUNITY for groups that primarily meet for fellowship and socially in the community and COURSES for groups that run a course for a term or longer.

Join a Connect Group

You can view details of the Connect Groups at the links on this page. If you would like to join a Connect Group simply complete the online form and your details will be passed onto the leader of the group who will make contact with you and provide further information.


New Connect Group

Leaders who would like to register a new Connect Group proposal should submit a Connect Group registration form which can be completed online here.

Register a new Connect Group