Connect Women

Connect Women

Finding peace in an anxious world

Lindsay Melluish speaking at Connect Women at St Mary’s about finding peace in an anxious world. Lindsay lives in West London where she works as a pastor at St Paul’s Church Ealing alongside her husband Mark.  Part of her work is also as family and relationship therapist which she does both within and outside of the church setting.  

An abundant life

Cleide Burgess speaks at Connect Women at St Mary’s. Cleide is a Relationship Counsellor and a Wellbeing Coach, with a heart to help women to live life to their full potential. She shares the evidence from what she has learnt as a psychologist to demonstrate it’s possible to live a life God has created us for.

I Am So Many Things

Thea Muir speaks at Connect Women on the title of True Identity. Thea is an artist, adventurer and overcomer. After struggling with eating disorders for many years she has a huge value for authenticity and deeply desires to see people set free from shame, and becoming the fullest and freest versions of themselves. I Am So Many Things came out the breaking and remaking that God did in her life in the vital area of identity. Emerging out of habits…