Talks from September 2020

Talks from September 2020

Richard Lloyd Farewell Talk

Richard Lloyd gives his final talk before leaving St Mary’s. “The church should continue to change, so that the ministry develops, so the ministry of preaching the word, of reaching out to people gets more and more effective as the world changes and changes. But the Gospel we believe in, the Gospel we preach never changes. It’s the Gospel of grace, He calls us into holiness and he gives us renewal. And my prayer is as this church goes on…

Interview with Jo Saxton

Jo Saxton talks with Nicky & Pippa Gumbel about her ministry and how she has navigated with COVID-19. Jo leaves us with a message to remember our story with God and take courage in Him who answers our small prayers, our big prayers and our impossible prayers.

Autumn News

Richard Lloyd shares exciting plans at St Mary’s this autumn including the return of the 10.30am service to the church building from Sunday 6 September.