St Mary’s and St Peter’s

St Mary’s and St Peter’s

In our 2017 vision we announced the exciting new partnership with St Peter’s West Molesey and plans to grow the staff team to help equip us for this new chapter of ministry. We are pleased to announce some important and exciting developments:

Launch of the new 4pm congregation: A new congregation is launching informally this Sunday 9th July with a team from St Mary’s and St John’s Hampton Wick at a party in St Peter’s Vicarage garden from 12.30pm. 15 adults and 5 children from St Mary’s and about 16 people from St John’s are helping establish this congregation which will meet informally over the summer at 4pm in the St Peter’s Vicarage garden and a formal launch on Sunday 10th September with Bishop Andrew Watson.

Joint Worship and Children’s Ministry Teams: One aspect of our new partnership with St Peter’s is the formation of shared Worship and Children’s Teams to help resource the 10.30am and 4pm Contemporary Services at St Mary’s and St Peter’s. People from across both congregations will serve to provide wonderful worship and children’s work provision.

Joint Staff Team: A vital part of our partnership is developing a joint staff team that will help lead, equip and resource the ministry across both sites. Most staff members will have some role across both sites although most will be focused on one or the other. Alex will lead the ministry day to day at St Peter’s with help from me and I will be supervising his curacy. I will lead one morning service a month at St Peter’s and Alex will be involved about one Sunday a month at St Mary’s. I’m delighted to introduce and announce a number of new members of the Staff Team:

Worship Leader: Gideon Bridgman will take up the post of Worship Leader from September although we will be blessed to have him lead some worship for us over the summer. Gideon will be responsible for the joint worship team that will lead at both the 10.30am and 4pm services.

Children’s Leader: Sarah Prendergast will take up the post of Children’s Leader from September with responsibility for leading children’s ministry at both our 10.30am and 4pm services. This role will involve preparing Konnect Kids sessions and resources as well as co-ordinating, equipping and overseeing the team.

Head of Children’s and Families Ministry: Helen Munro will now oversee all children’s and families ministry across St Mary’s and St Peter’s including Little Moles, Messy Church, Konnect Kids on Sundays, youth and schools work. Helen and Alex will also oversee the ministry of our new apprentices (mentioned below) who will focus on schools and youth work as well as assist with other areas of ministry.

Ordinand: Paul Freeland will join us as an Ordinand from September and comes with the team from St John’s Hampton Wick. Paul has just been accepted to train for ministry and has a wealth of church ministry and leadership experience. He will begin his training at St Mellitus in September and work at St Mary’s and St Peter’s three days a week. Paul will be supervised through his training by me and he will support Alex and Helen in leading the 4pm service as well as serve across St Mary’s.

Apprentices: PAIS, a Christian internship organisation, is sending four apprentices to join us this year. They will be led by Shelby Bland and will minister in schools, help build up our youth work and also support the wider ministry at St Mary’s and St Peter’s.

Administrative support: In June, Anya Headon joined Jo in the office at St Mary’s and her role will assist with the extra administration the partnership with St Peter’s brings. Anya’s principle responsibility is to co-ordinate baptisms, weddings and funerals and Holiday Club over the summer. She is a much valued new member of the team.

This is a very exciting time of change, growth, partnership and pioneer mission. Please pray for the changes, the new 4pm congregation, Alex in his pioneer curate role and also for the new members of staff team. Please also pray about your ministry and the role to which God has called you and whether he’s calling you to get involved in something new. And please email or speak to me or a member of the team if you’d like to discuss your calling further.