Vision 2019

Vision 2019


Making prayerful and Spirit-filled followers of Jesus

2018 was the first full year of partnership between St Mary’s and St Peter’s. Our vision is to reach Molesey with the love of Jesus more effectively by ministering together and sharing our resources. In 2018 we have worked together through our children and schools work, youth, mid-week and worship ministries, leading the incredible Love Molesey initiative and sharing vision, strategy and teams across both Churches and the community. This has helped us to build up all of the four Sunday congregations and a wide range of mid-week ministries too.   All of this has only been possible with the generous giving of so many across the congregations.

As we enter 2019, our focus as a partnership is to help every member of our congregations become a more prayerful, confident and Spirit-filled follower of Jesus.  Our vision to reach Molesey with the love of Jesus will only be realised through depending on God in prayer and being strengthened by the power of His Spirit.  Prayer has also been identified as the priority by the Bishop of Guildford as he longs to see transformed churches and transformed lives across the Diocese in 2019.  

“As we’ve reflected on our Diocesan vision Transforming Church, Transforming Lives, we’ve increasingly concluded that to make ‘prayerful, confident disciples in daily life’ is central… “ Rt Revd Andrew Watson, The Bishop of Guildford.

Therefore our focus is three-fold: 

Growing in Prayer: Extending our 24/7 prayer initiative is central to our vision for 2019. In addition to our week of 24/7 prayer at Pentecost in the Bell Tower of St Mary’s, in 2019 we will launch a monthly 24 hours of continuous prayer leading up to our Sunday services at St Mary’s and St Peter’s. Over 100 people participated in this year’s 24/7 week of prayer; we want to see this pattern of 24/7 prayer  grow and become the very heartbeat of our churches.

Kingdom Come: Following our monthly 24 hrs continual prayer, Kingdom Come will take place on the first Monday of the month at 8pm in Refresh; an opportunity to gather together to pray for God’s Kingdom to come in Molesey and to share news from 24/7 prayer.

A sermon series on prayer will aim to help us develop our prayer lives as we focus on  how Jesus taught his disciples to pray.

Growing in Care

  • Caring for one another is not the calling of the few, but of all Christians: God calls each one of us to love our neighbour and care for one another. Therefore a significant focus in 2019 will be equipping us all to care for one another. We often see pastoral care as a task for clergy or those especially trained as pastoral assistants, but it is a central part of our Christian calling.  Over the summer, our sermon series Who Cares? will help equip us to journey with those in need in our own networks, whether in our families, congregations, community, school or work place.
  • Connect Communities bring together people across all 4 congregations and are a principal way we care for one another, grow as followers of Jesus and serve Molesey.  In 2019, we long to see the number of Connect Communities and those who attend them increase to help us grow as prayerful and confident disciples wherever we find ourselves Monday to Saturday. Training of new leaders will continue to be offered regularly to encourage the formation of new communities and increased participation.  

Growing in Partnership:

  • Expanding our children’s ministry: This Spring we will launch our new Sunday groups for children and young people at the 10.30am at St Mary’s with 5 groups from 0s-18s including a younger creche, new pre-school and youth groups. This provision is already mirrored at the St Peter’s 4pm service.
  • Expanding our youth ministry: In addition to our new youth group on Sunday mornings at St Mary’s, we are excited about developing our youth drop in at St Peter’s (and St Mary’s in 2019?) which will provide safe space for young people on their way home from school.  In 2019 we hope to appoint a new member of staff to develop ministry to older children and youth so that more and more can grow as prayerful and confident followers of Jesus.
  • Alpha: We ran 4 Alphas across the partnership in 2018 with shared publicity, launch events and away days.  We long to see more and more people in Molesey learn about the love of Jesus through Alpha.  In 2019 we’ll continue to run courses in partnership at both churches including a day time course during the St Mary’s Cafe.
  • Loving Molesey Together: Love Molesey will take place again during Lent 2019—a fantastic way of bringing churches and the community together to show love to others.  We will also serve Molesey together through community lunches, breakfasts, Food Bank, St Mary’s Cafe, our range courses and much more.

St Mary’s has been amazingly blessed through people’s financial support and committed giving, and we could not be the church we are without the generosity of so many people. (Click here) for ways that you can give to St Mary’s to help see our vision realised.